Elevate Your Executive Conversations

January 31st, 2023

11:00am - 12:00pm EST/EDT

Executive stakeholders not only want you to understand their business—they expect it.

In fact, executives value having business conversations four times more than product conversations.

With economic uncertainty top of mind for all executives, the seller who understands the buyer’s perspective and priorities will get more opportunities. The seller who can confidently communicate the unique business value of partnering will win more deals.

In this session with Jim Druckrey, former President and COO at multiple companies and current Leader of the C-Level Practice, and Mark Chakravarty, Executive Consultant at Corporate Visions, you’ll learn what it takes to inspire business curiosity and compel busy executives to invest time, resources, and money; and create urgency with decision makers to act now, not later.

You’ll also learn the “Three C’s” for improving executive conversations:

  • Competence – Learn how to connect your solution to the business issues and metrics executives care about to win the sale.

  • Confidence – Learn how to engage executives in a way that gets you more time versus being delegated to whom you sound like.

  • Compelling – Learn how to build a business case that passes muster with your executive stakeholders and helps them justify a decision.

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