Executive Forum

Executive Forum: Coaching and Developing Your Managers

July 18th, 2024

11:00am - 12:00pm EST/EDT

Virtual Forum Meeting

Investing in the coaching and development of your managers is crucial. Even for very skilled sellers or customer success managers, leadership is a whole new mountain to climb.

How are you prioritizing the continuous growth and skill enhancement of your managers so that they can adapt, innovate, and effectively lead their teams to hit targets and deliver exceptional value to buyers?

Join us in July for a special cross-functional Executive Forum, where leaders across sales and customer success will share ideas and trade perspectives on how they're training and coaching their managers to:

  • Increase their Return on Sales Leadership (ROSL) or CS Leadership — prioritize the right activities, accounts, and opportunities, optimize their time, and more
  • Optimize their team — understand how to lead based on the team make-up they have, identify skill gaps, conduct training
  • Master coaching — prioritize who and what to coach, adopt the right coaching strategy
  • Build consistency and accuracy — analyze pipeline, improve forecast accuracy
  • Drive sales performance — know when to co-sell or coach, identify top X accounts

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