Emblaze Singapore Chapter: Scaling Revenue - GTM in Motion

April 17th, 2024

9:00am - 10:00am SGT

Zoom meeting (View Map)

Scaling revenue remains a paramount objective for businesses across industries. Implementing effective go-to-market (GTM) motions is pivotal to achieving sustainable revenue growth and customer acquisition.

At this Emblaze (formerly AA-ISP) Singapore Chapter virtual event, we'll delve into various GTM strategies, providing a comprehensive exploration of how these motions can be strategically leveraged to propel your business towards heightened revenue streams and an expanded customer base.

You'll learn about:

  • The New Approach to GTM: Gain insights into the evolving landscape of go-to-market strategies, challenging conventional wisdom and embracing innovative approaches
  • Assess your TAM, ICP, and Value Prop: Conduct a thorough evaluation of your target addressable market (TAM), ideal customer profile (ICP), and unique value proposition to determine the optimal GTM motion tailored to your specific needs.
  • A Framework for Which GTM Motion is Right for You: Discover a robust decision-making framework that aligns GTM motions with your target market and customer journey, ensuring maximum impact. Develop a systematic decision matrix to analyze and compare different GTM options based on your unique business context.
  • Align Resources and Foster Collaboration: Evaluate your internal resources, capabilities, and sales cycle to seamlessly align with the chosen GTM strategy. Foster cross-functional collaboration between sales, marketing, and product teams, ensuring cohesive GTM execution across all fronts.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Leverage data and analytics to continuously refine and optimize your GTM strategies, staying ahead of market dynamics and customer preferences.


Jake Reni, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Revenue Reimagined


This Chapter event is sponsored by APACSMA – The eUniversity for Sales.

Chapter events provide an opportunity to expand your professional circle and meet in person to discuss ideas and/or challenges that inevitably come up in your career. Local chapters throughout the world are just one way that Emblaze brings together the digital-first sales community for learning, networking, and sharing valuable resources to ignite revenue growth potential.

If you're not yet an Emblaze member, we encourage you to join us! Learn more about Emblaze and how you can get involved beyond this meeting.

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