Boston Chapter: How to fill pipeline with account based strategies and tactics

February 22nd, 2024

5:30pm - 7:30pm EST/EDT

AE Ventures, 239 Causeway Street Lounge, Boston, MA 02114 (View Map)

Email rules are changing, prospecting is more difficult, and buyers demand value from the sales process. How will your teams adjust to these changes to build a solid 2024 pipeline? What must be done, and how?  

During this panel session, you will learn how to apply account-based methods to your sales strategy and processes, including:

  • When is this the right approach and for which accounts?
  • Who are your target personas/functional contacts within your target accounts, what is your specific value prop for each persona/function, and what content will appeal to them?
  • How to leverage intent data, from simple to sophisticated, to better identify “in-market” ideal customer accounts?
  • What to include in the strategy, process, and playbook that will align your company to the target list.
  • Best practices to assign your account teams, plans, and design your campaign plan for the target accounts.
  • Leading and lagging indicators that measure progress within your target account strategy.   

Bring your questions to the Boston Chapter meeting and learn more with local experts, practitioners, and the latest research on how to design and implement an account-based, or target account, go-to-market strategy.




Carole Mahoney, Founder, Unbound Growth 


John Galante, President, AE Ventures

Lisa Dennis, CEO, Knowledgence ABM Graduate School™

Brent Keltner, President, Winalytics

Nick Salvatoriello, Content Marketing Leader


Attendees will enjoy food courtesy of our sponsor AE Ventures and beverages courtesy of our sponsor SalesIntel.

Chapter events provide an opportunity to expand your professional circle and meet in person to discuss ideas and/or challenges that inevitably come up in your career. Local chapters throughout the world are just one way that Emblaze brings together the digital-first sales community for learning, networking, and sharing valuable resources to ignite revenue growth potential. If you're not yet an Emblaze member, we encourage you to join us! Learn more about Emblaze and how you can get involved beyond this meeting.

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