AA-ISP Austin Chapter Meeting

February 28th, 2019

6:00pm - 7:30pm CST

Capital Factory, 701 Brazos Street, (1st Floor), Johnny-Five Classroom, Austin, 78701 (View Map)

The AA-ISP Austin Chapter would like to invite you to our next meeting on February 28th, to hear from Jason Treu (Troy), an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and teams to maximize their leadership potential and performance, along with building and executing their career blueprint.

Think about the best team you’ve ever been on. The team that was the most collaborative, connected, and productive.

How did it feel to be connected to something bigger and lose yourself in that moment?

That feeling you just thought of is the most powerful business asset. Leaders stay awake at night trying to figure out how to create that feeling.

Many of them believe it’s like your DNA – you either have it or not. But it’s not luck.

It’s learned behaviors backed by science and intentionally developed and prioritized by leaders.

Business leaders can learn how to “dial in” to the right behaviors and environment to put every person in a peak state of performance and innovation.

The key is creating a foundation of psychology safety, vulnerability, truth telling and operationalized values.

Three Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn:

  • “Secret" strategies for maximizing performance, innovation, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • How to build high levels of trust both internally and externally with clients, media, analysts and any other third-parties to build extraordinary relationships.
  • Tips and best practices on how to manage up, down and across much more effectively to maximize teamwork.

We’ll also play Jason’s breakthrough team building game (question/answer), Cards Against Mundanity (cardsagainstmundanity.com), in small groups to build deep relationships (in minutes) so attendees can experience everything we are discussing and see why it will work for them and their team/organization. Everyone will get a free copy of the game to use, along with additional materials.


JasonTreu.com and JasonTreu.com/speaking

If you are a Sales Professional or Sales Leader in the Austin area, we are looking forward to meeting you,

Best regards,

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