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Connect and create a community for inside, digital, and hybrid sales professionals who live in the same area. Chapters provide an opportunity to expand one’s professional circle and meet in-person to discuss ideas and/or challenges that inevitably come up in your career. Each chapter is led by Chairs, who serve as local ambassadors of the Emblaze community and a trusted partner with the Emblaze leadership team.

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Dieter Avella

Dieter Avella | Chapter Chair

Corporate Visions by Sellutions, Latin America Exclusive Distribution Partner
Managing Partner
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I work with companies looking for proven and scalable science-backed programs that drive revenue growth.

Marcelo Miraglino

Marcelo Miraglino | Chapter Chair

Corporate Vision Latin America
President & CEO
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As part of Corporate Visions and Emblaze I have the privilege of advising and serving our clients' sales, marketing and customer success teams in their quest to consistently grow their revenue and make it sustainable. I believe that every revenue function should be driven by B2B decision science rather than risky guesswork that often results in flawed approaches. My ultimate goal is to help companies and individuals overcome their status quo biases and become catalysts for commercial success.

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