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DigitalNow Revenue Summit is hosted by Emblaze (formerly AA-ISP), a revenue growth membership community by Corporate Visions. Emblaze is equal parts community, research, and advisory, and you’ll see that unique composition reflected in the agenda of the event. That means you’ll learn directly from Emblaze members, partners, executive advisors, and researchers.

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Schaumburg, IL, April 2-4, 2024

Emblaze members

who are leading their teams to success, via case studies and panels

Emblaze partners

showcasing their tools, technology, and services to impact your revenue growth potential

Emblaze executive advisors

will host the tracks and breakout sessions, facilitating valuable conversations between speakers and attendees

Emblaze researchers including

Chief Science Officer Dr. Carmen Simon, who conducts our original B2B neuroscience studies

Research Director Dr. Leff Bonney, who runs our B2B behavioral research lab and conducts our monthly benchmarking surveys


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Spark a breakthrough for someone else: Share your story at DigitalNow

You’ve probably had a moment or two like this in your own career: A leader takes the stage to share their story of working through a tough challenge with their team or finessing change management using a technique you’d like to try. You think to yourself, That’s awfully inspiring. And then you take that inspiration and create a similar impact in your organization, your way.

Keep the virtuous cycle going by volunteering to speak on a panel or present your team’s case study at DigitalNow Revenue Summit 2024.

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